Pioneering the Representation of African-Caribbean & Dual Heritage Children In Literature

CMN Magical Books Vision, Mission, Values

Vision: To help build a culturally diverse reading culture which will enrich all children’s literacy skills, academic achievements, mental well-being and bring benefits to themselves and our world. 

Mission: Through our books, we aim to help parents, educators, and children, to widen their understanding of cultural diversity in literature in an enchanting way. We believe this will help children of all backgrounds to build self-confidence and believe that they can realise their full potential – with no limits to their imagination!

Values: Culturally Diverse -to help build a culturally diverse reading culture which will give children a healthy cultural experience. Enrich children’s literacy skills which will add value to their academic achievements.
Improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and belief in their abilities to succeed (mental well-being) 

Inform and Transform – educators, parents, and children’s shared reading experience, giving children access to the books you wish you had as a child.

Power of Reading – our books transport children on a magical journey of discovery, whilst changing attitudes that connect our lives and communities.

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