Pioneering the Representation of African-Caribbean & Dual Heritage Children In Literature

Children's & Author's Literary Fanfare Event October 2023

Children’s Author’s Literary Fanfare Event-CALFE 2023 our 1st physical Event BHM BLAST🚀off over in Chelmsford Museum🏛  

So, in case someone is asking, what CALFE is about, just show them this clip or get out a pen🖊 and make a list!
CALFE is an interactive, fast-past, engaging, entertaining, child-focussed storytelling, poetic, artistic, quizzing, Authors buzzing, EVENING that takes place online where we engage with children and book📚 lovers from across the world🪐

Everybody has a story to tell and by meeting these Kiddie-Writes Children’s AUTHORS📚 and their friends, you get to decide which of the wonder books and magical reads you would love to add to your own bookshelves!

It’s been an Online evening affair up till now, and… for the first time ever, we were live, as in-person event at @chelmsfordmuseum on 28th Oct 2023 from 10.30-3.30pm.

With a plethora of Culturally Diverse Children’s Author and Artists📚

Supported by Arts Council England, Essex Cultural Strategist, Chelmsford Museum Chelmsford Community.

It was a great experience sharing our children’s story with the community.
Looking forward to you seeing👀 you at our CALFE 2024 .

Black British Book Festival - 17th Sept 2023

BBC Radio Manchester July 2023

Spent a brilliant day here at our BBC Radio Manchester Bad Parenting Club, with our awesome Presenter Simone Riley & her amazing team, and the amazing Maths teacher Sandra Smith, and myself Carrol May Nelson, Author of Children’s book.
Discussing a range of issues on joys, and challenges of parenting.

Women of Worth Prestigious Award June 2023

Nomination for the Women of Worth Prestigious Award June 2023

Literacy Events 2023

Presentation at the Manchester Kwanza 1st Jan 2023
Promoting Culturally Diverse Children's Literature at MMU Book Fair February 2023
Book signing at the Manchester Moss Side TV Easter Fun Day April 2023
Collorbation with Numeracy Teacher and Author Sandra Smith at the Manchester Time To Shine Event - April 2023
Collorbation with Numeracy Teacher and Author Sandra Smith at the Manchester Time To Shine Event - April 2023

Summer School Event  2022

Carrol May Coleman Nelson.
Children’s Book Author and Publisher of Diverse Stories.
My books captivate children’s imagination while promoting
the representation of culturally diverse children’s literature.

Windrush Day Event 2022



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